Monday, September 26, 2005

Health Literacy Network Launches Consumer Health Information Advocate Program (CHIA)

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities’ Health Literacy Network is introducing a new program that will connect people with disabilities and health information and services in their communities. Consumer Health Information Advocates—or CHIAs—will be members of the Health Literacy Network (HLN). CHIAs will be information advocates, sometimes providing resources from BCCPD or directing people to information or healthcare resources within their community.

What does it take to be a Consumer Health Information Advocate (CHIA)?
A Consumer Health Information Advocate:
* is a person with a disability or a family member or caregiver
* is curious and willing to learn
* has a passion for sharing information, especially about health and living well with a disability
* is willing to share knowledge and experiences with staff at HLN so we can help CHIAs around the province.

What do CHIAs get?
CHIAs get:
* accessible health information for themselves and to give to others in their communities
* regular health information updates and news about other CHIAs around BC
* to be part of a new and unique network of disability consumer health information advocates
* to work with HLN to help healthcare professionals understand what you need to live well with a disability
* to learn how to get the most from your doctor/healthcare provider
* to learn about other sources of consumer health information in your community and beyond
* to help plan the future of HLN and the CHIA program.

Interested in learning more? Contact Shelley or Claire at the Health Literacy Network. Phone 604-875-0188 or call toll free and leave a message at 1-877-232-7400. You can also email