Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sources of Translated Consumer Health Information

The following websites provide consumer health information in English and a variety of other languages.

BC HealthFiles offer reader-friendly health information in English and are also available in Chinese, French, Punjabi, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

The Region of Peel (ON) Public Health provides fact sheets on a range of health topics in Chinese, French, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

The Canadian Mental Health Association provides information on a variety of topics in:
Farsi/Dari, Hindi, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Somali, Serbo-Coration, Tamil and Urdu.

The BC Schizophrenia Society offers information in English, French, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, and Urdu.

The Australian Multicultural Health Communication Service offers one of the most comprehensive websites of translated consumer health information. Languages include:
Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Assyrian, Bengali, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dari, English, Farsi/Persian, Filipino/Tagalog, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer/Cambodian, Koori, Korean, Kurdish, Lao, Macedonian, Maltese, Maori, Oromo, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Pushto, Russian, Samoan, Serbian, Sinhalese, Somali, Sorani, Spanish, Tamil, Tetum, Thai, Tigrigna, Tongan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

The Ohio State University Medical Center provides reader-friendly information on nearly 100 health conditions, diseases and procedures. Languages include African French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Ukrainian.

Ethnomed Patient Education Resources also offers consumer health information in a variety of languages.