Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Helping people with disabilities find health information

Shelley Hourston, Director of BCCPD's Wellness & Disability Initiative, AIDS & Disability Action Program, and the Health Literacy Network, made a presentation at the Canadian Community Information & Referral Conference in October 2005. Her topic was "Helping People with Disabilities Find Health Information" -- "to explore our perceptions of disability and how they affect communication and information seeking behaviour...and how people with disabilities find health information...."

Disabilities and Health Information--main paper
Barriers & Solutions Tip Sheet
Seeing with New Eyes--Appreciative Storytelling Exercise
Health Literacy Tools & Resources

To download the paper, tip sheet, exercise or resource list, visit the December 5, 2005 Community Alert at the BCCPD website: http://www.bccpd.bc.ca/s/CommunityAlert.asp.