Friday, February 10, 2006

Health Literacy Fact Sheets

Written by Linda Potter and Constance Martin and published in August 2005.

"This series of nine fact sheets was created for those who are designing patient education materials for consumers with low health literacy skills."

Fact Sheet 1: What is Health Literacy?
Fact Sheet 2: Who has Health Literacy Problems?
Fact Sheet 3: Impact of Low Literacy Skills on Annual Health Care Expenditures
Fact Sheet 4: Health Literacy and Understanding Medical Information
Fact Sheet 5: Strategies to Assist Low-literate Health Care Consumers
Fact Sheet 6: Preparing Patient Education Materials
Fact Sheet 7: Tools to Evaluate Patient Education Materials
Fact Sheet 8: Health Communication and Cultural Diversity
Fact Sheet 9: Resources for Health Literacy Information and Publications

Download the fact sheets in PDF format at: