Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fostering a dog

Did you read the last post? Are you interested in becoming more active, but not sure you want the responsibility of a dog? Maybe you should become a foster parent to a dog. This means that you would provide a temporary home for a dog until a permanent home is found. The City of Vancouver Animal Shelter has a foster program and is always looking for new members.

There are lots of benefits to fostering a dog besides increasing your activity level:

  • animals that have endured hardship and could really use a loving home where they can get used to living with people again while waiting to find a permanent home
  • provides a great lesson in compassion, nurturing, and generosity to children in a home

What type of dog needs a foster home?

  • older dogs
  • dogs with health problems
  • mothers and puppies (Fostering a litter of puppies a great way for your family to experience raising baby animals without adding to the pet overpopulation problems)
  • dogs with behavioral problems or unaccustomed to living indoors
  • any dog who has been at the shelter for more than three months.

My family adopted an older dog and had a great experience. Older dogs need homes and are usually somewhat trained when they join your family - which makes the whole process of getting a dog easier on everyone! I think they also make more loyal and loving pets because they appreciate a good home.

If you are interested in joining the Vancouver foster program please call the shelter at 604-871-6888 (MUTT) or visit the Animal Shelter's website

If you live outside of Vancouver and are interested in fostering please email Claire at or call 1-877-232-7400 and I’ll help you find a foster program in your area.