Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Women Wading Through the Web: A Health Toolkit

New from the Women's Health Matters website

Do you rely on the Internet as a source of health information for yourself and your family, or as an “information prescription” for your clients? Then this Toolkit is for you! From beginners to experienced Internet users, the sheer volume of information can be daunting for all of us at times.

That is why the Women’s Health Matters website team at Women’s College Hospital created the resource Women Wading through the Web: A Health Toolkit. We hope this online kit will help consumers navigate the often confusing maze of health information on the Web.

Women can use the Toolkit to:
a.. Learn more about search engines and other search tools and strategies
b.. Judge the quality of a website
c.. Improve skills in finding and assessing reliable health information
d.. Understand medical research
e.. Analyze health information from the media
f.. Communicate more effectively with health professionals

Women Wading Through the Web is a valuable tool for any consumer who wants to get the most from her visit to a health website.

To access the Toolkit, follow this link: http://www.womenshealthmatters.ca/toolkit