Monday, February 04, 2008

COURSE FULL Feb. 11/08: Online course: evaluating health info on the Internet

Time sensitive
This course is full as of Feb 5/08--watch for announcements of future sessions.

Begins Monday February 11th

From the US National Network of Libraries of Medicine--Pacific Northwest Region website

"From Snake Oil to Penicillin: Evaluating Consumer Health Information on the Internet

Where do you turn for trusted health information? This course will provide you with tools to determine whether health information web sites are trustworthy and reliable or whether to look elsewhere. Criteria for evaluating health information web sites will be provided and interactive assignments will reinforce concepts.


  • Become familiar with unique issues surrounding health information on the internet.
  • Understand the nature of web-based resources and why people post information to the internet.
  • Evaluate health information web sites using a set of criteria provided so that you can determine whether or not the sites are trustworthy sources of health information."

Note: announcement from a February 2008 email -- disregard 2007 date on website.