Friday, March 28, 2008

"Recipe Analyzer" -- Dietitians of Canada

Canadians now have a new tool to help them make healthy eating choices. Dietitians of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of Recipe Analyzer.

Recipe Analyzer is a unique interactive on-line tool that offers consumers a quick and easy way to assess the nutritional value of their favourite recipes. To use the tool, visit the Dietitians of Canada website: and click on Recipe Analyzer.

Recipe Analyzer lets you enter the list of ingredients of any recipe and then get:

  • A full nutrient profile for a serving of that recipe
  • The number of Food Guide servings the recipe provides
  • Tips on how to change the recipe to make it more nutritious.
Users can create an on-line recipe binder and save their recipes, and they can also do comparisons of two different recipes to see how they measure up nutritionally.