Monday, May 26, 2008

Wipe Out: New documentary on traumatic brain injury and extreme sports

A new documentary asks if risk-taking is worth risking your life. Wipe Out premieres Wednesday, June 11 at 8 pm on Knowledge Network

Wipe Out tells the story of three young BC men who suffered traumatic brain injuries while pursuing extreme sports. The documentary is narrated by Olympic Gold Medalist Ross Rebagliati.

Chris Dufficy, a professional snowboarder from North Vancouver, is only now coming to terms with his ongoing memory problems – the result of multiple concussions and a traumatic brain injury he suffered when he crashed after landing a monstrous jump for a film shoot. Jon Gocer is a talented snowboarder who was looking to turn thrill seeking into a career, until a wipe out on a skateboard almost ended his life.

On Vancouver Island, Chris Tutin is defying doctors who said he would never walk again after his cerebellum was crushed in a dirt bike accident five years ago. Like Chris Dufficy and Jon Gocer, he shares his story with the hope that it will encourage kids to wear helmets, and avoid reckless risk-taking.

Wipe Out offers viewers unprecedented insight into the lives of people who are part of what doctors call the “invisible epidemic” – brain injury, the leading cause of death and disability among men under the age of 35.

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