Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Studies on hearing loss looking for participants

Studies on hearing loss looking for participants
UBC’s School of Audiology and Speech Sciences is recruiting for participants for two studies on hearing loss.

The Adult Hearing Loss Study is looking for people between 19 – 69 years who have bilateral hearing loss. The study requires participants to sleep or quietly relax for a few hours while their brain waves are recorded. This is to help develop a new technique of hearing test, where brainwaves register hearing sensitivity. Participants will receive a $20 honorarium.

The second study looks at the auditory system of infants. One baby in every 1,000 is born with permanent hearing impairment. As the baby generally looks healthy, the hearing loss will not be suspected. Hearing screening can be done as early as the first 48 hours of life using a painless, safe, fast and ear-specific test while the baby sleeps, making early intervention possible.

The study involves recording the brainwaves of babies from 0 – 4 months old while the baby sleeps, along with a hearing screening. A copy will be given to the parents of those who participate in the study, along with a $20 honorarium.

Both studies are conducted by Prof. David. Stapells and audiologist and Post-doctoral Fellow Ieda Ishida of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences. For more information, contact the Ishida at the HAPLAB at 604-822-7424 or

From: UBC This Week Jun. 5, 2008