Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Paralympics Paramedic Training for BC Aboriginal People with Disabilities

Reported in Voices & Visions, the newsletter of the BC Aboriginal Network on Disability Society (BCANDS) (April/May 2007 p. 6)

"For the past several months, BCANDS has had discussions with the Vancouver Olympic Committee, Health Canada, Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and Service Canada in promoting the training of Aboriginal People with Disabilties as Paramedic Assistants for the 2010 Games. The intent of this program is to train a group of Aboriginal People with disabilities to a minimal level of Emergency Medical Responder (EMR). ... All individuals who are successful in their training will then have the opportunity to compete for at least 14 positions that will assist the Vancouver Paramedic Team at the 2010 Olympic Games."

While the program has yet to be approved, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the BCANDS office. Email Robert Harry at robert@bcands.bc.ca or Andrew Cowie at andrewcowie@bcands.bc.ca.