Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Storytime Yoga for Learning and Health

A storytime yoga event was held in Louisville's Yoga Elements recently to promote Sydney Solis' new book entitled Storytime Yoga: The Treasure In Your Heart: Yoga and Stories for Peaceful Children.

"Families learned to start a yoga and storytelling hour in their home to increase peace, health, literacy and communication among family members during the July 15 Storytime Yoga family class ..." wrote Lisa Bell on

"Children and parents ... acted out the story with yoga poses as the story was retold. Participants had a relaxation and visualization exercise, followed by a session of learning to tell stories to each other at home, as well as a lesson in communicating feelings."

For information about Storytime Yoga, visit the website:

From: "Storytime yoga event gets international attention" contributed by Lisa Bell on 7/17/2007 on (A community produced by The Denver Newspaper Agency)