Friday, September 14, 2007

Celebrate International Health Literacy Month: 2007 Access to Health Awards

Time sensitive: Nominations close October 31, 2007

Each October, the BC Coalition of People with Disabilities’ Health Literacy Network celebrates International Health Literacy Month. We ask people with disabilities throughout BC to tell us about health care workers and community agency staff who have ‘gone the extra mile’ for you. Based on your stories, we give an Access to Health award to two individuals and an “Honourable Mention" to ten more. It’s your chance to say “Thank you!” to people who make a difference in your life!

Why people are nominated
Here are some quotes from nominations in past years:

“I was always respected. Working with her renewed my confidence and my spirits and because of her assistance I am able to think about my future.”

[She] “is a great social worker and has helped change my life!”

“If you are not “quite yourself,” he wants to know what is wrong, personally or medically.”

“…She has helped me in small ways like relocating my service dog’s dish to a classroom where it will not get tipped over as often … and in bigger ways like getting me a key for the elevator so I can get to the classroom whenever the building is open.”

“She makes my life easier. [She] is very understanding about what I have to deal with. She is a very respectful person…”

[She] “made me feel supported when I felt alone and distressed.”

[He] “is a physician of splendid integrity. He treats me as a whole person. He tries to educate me and broaden my mind and gives me any information I need to improve my health.”

Tell us your choice for the 2007 awards! Here’s what you need to do ...

  • Read the Access to Health award guidelines carefully
  • You must be a person with a disability
  • You must live in BC
  • Complete a nomination form (or call Shelley to nominate by phone)
  • Send your nominations by 4:30 pm October 31, 2007

Contact Shelley at the Health Literacy Network if you have questions. Phone 604-875-0188 (TTY 604-875-8835) or call toll-free and leave a message at 1-877-232-7400.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding the Access to Health Awards poster to your friends, colleagues and mailing lists.
Download the Access to Health award guidelines
Download the Access to Health award nomination form

Learn more about International Health Literacy Month, including how people around the world are celebrating by visiting the website.