Friday, September 28, 2007

Using stories to facilitate family centred care education

Family Centred Care Learning Vignettes is a new resource produced by the Southern Alberta Family & Community Resource Centre. Available in PDF format, the 178 page document capitalizes on the power of story in communication and learning.

From the Preface:
"The cornerstone of family centred care is real partnerships between children, youth, families, staff, professionals, and health organizations. ... We build on the strengths and knowledge of families and make programs and services better by working together." (p. ii)

Themes include:

* Communication
* Roles
* Collaboration
* Information Sharing
* Support
* Patient Safety
* System Policies and Procedures
An appendix includes the full transcripts of "family, Child and Youth interviews."

Interviews addressed four questions:

  1. What do children and families want to tell health care professionals?
  2. What worked well in their patient, their child's or their sibling's health care experience?
  3. What could have gone better?
  4. What are their ideas and suggestions for improvement?

View or download the Family Centred Care Learning Vignettes from the Southern Alberta Child & Youth Health Network website.