Thursday, January 17, 2008

“Suicide & Young Children (under 12)” Workshop

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“Suicide & Young Children (under 12)” Workshop
Sponsored by the Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC

The youngest recorded suicide in North America involved a 5-year old. Statistics Canada reports that some 300 children under the age of 19 years – and more than 50 under the age of 14 years – take their own lives each year. And that only includes those officially identified as “suicides”; it omits dozens of questionable deaths, and doesn’t even begin to deal with other incidences of self-harm among the young.

The Training Workshop will cover such topics as:

  • the reality of young child suicide – who, how often and what does it look like
  • the signs and the risk factors for young child suicide and self-harm
  • a brand new professional’s guide tool has been developed to assist with the identification of the dangers and endangered”
  • the professional guide provides insight into intervention strategies when working with at-risk children and their families
Workshop leader, John Dube, will draw on his 20 plus years of experience in dealing with the signs, causes, and the aftermath of a suicide.

The workshop is interactive – with dialogue, sharing of ideas and opportunities to discuss real and theoretical case studies –so we can build the kind of learning that we can take home to our own agencies and our own children to try to keep them safe.

We have room for a maximum of 35 people

WHEN: February 22, 2008

WHERE: Vancouver Public Library – Alma VanDusen Room

COST: $200.00

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Phone 604-873-5013

Note: Lunch will not be provided

John Dube is a registered clinical counsellor and a registered social worker. He completed his Bachelor of Social Work degree in 1986 and completed his Masters Degree in Education in 2005 with a thesis focused on Suicidal Children and the development of a professional guide to assist in determining the suicidality of children.
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