Thursday, January 31, 2008

Vancouver workshops by Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute

Time sensitive

Two workshops offered in Vancouver by the Winnipeg-based Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute Inc.

Responding to Trauma – March 10, 2008
The impact of trauma is complex and confusing and it affects all people differently. This introductory workshop will explore some of the more relevant understandings about how trauma develops and then influences and impacts an individual. A brief synopsis of the more common approaches about how to work with those impacted by trauma will be reviewed. Participants will gain a better understanding of the nature of trauma and be better equipped to continue their work in responding to trauma.

Self-Harm Behaviour in Youth – Issues and Strategies – March 11, 2008
Self-harm can be difficult for loved ones and people in the helping field to understand. This introductory workshop will assist participants in understanding the experience and motivations of adolescents who intentionally injure themselves. In addition, the course will provide practical strategies for working with youth struggling with this complex issue. Participants will leave this
workshop with increased insight regarding self-harm behaviour in youth and direction for effective interventions.

Costs for each 1 day workshop:
$125.00 (Early Registration – 3 weeks prior to workshop date)
$150.00 (Regular Registration)

For more information or for information about manuals and free resources (for personal use), visit:
Phone: 204-452-9199
Toll Free: 877-353-3205